I am Alona.... Goddess Alona or Ms.Alona to you. I am a young, fit, bratty/bossy Financial Goddess.....the epitome of an Ebony Goddess. You do not have the privilege of seeing my face unless you are worthy enough to serve me in real-time but know that its just as stunning as my body.

My online stable consistently grows and improves, I however am looking to develop a local stable. I am seeking submissive men, submissive fetishist and paypigs who believe in the betterment of their goddess or fetish through financial servitude to fill my local stable. Only a few will be graced with the privilege of serving me locally. You must be obedient, respectful and know your place at my feet as a wallet/provider.

You will be serving me in person in which screening is required. Sessions will be at your location, my location or in a public setting. Session availability at your location is Mon-Sun 6am-8pm and Mon-Sun 6am-3pm for my location. You must be within New haven or Fairfield county. If you exceed those locations distant training is available. 

This position is for serious financial submissives only. If you are a submissive looking to serve in a non-financial way i.e. you don't believe in or do not wish to financial contribute to your goddess or your fetish then this position is not for you. If you're a submissive who is under the impression that sexual servitude equates to submission then this position is not for you. This is not nor will ever be a position of sexual servitude.

If you understand your position then you are well on your way to being a submissive little pet to a beautiful, powerful, dominant, superior, black Goddess. However you shouldn't for one second think that you or your money is needed. I do not need anything from you. I am only giving you the opportunity to serve me and contribute to my goddess lifestyle because it amuses me and strokes my ego to have you in my presence merely for your financial servitude. You should be quite thankful for this opportunity and you should be rather grateful that my attention will be given in return. If you feel that you can whole heartily fill this position click here to find out how.